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Traditional Healing for Modern People

Naturopathic medicine is the past and the future of health care.  The current mainstream model of medical care focuses on disease, pathology, and symptom management instead of health and wellness.  Dr. Rose views symptoms as a signal from the body telling us there is an underlying problem.  The treatment then is focused on the true cause of the symptoms.  


At Rose Cabinet Medicine patients learn to become stewards of their own health, restore life's natural rhythms, practice self-care, and reconnect with their birthright of vitality and aliveness.


25 years of experience as a whole foods chef informs Dr. Rose's nutritional philosophy. Helping patients to incorporate nutrient dense, real foods into their meal planning is her passion and joy.  Because of her expertise on the Primal/Paleo lifestyle, Dr. Rose is listed as a provider through  

503-308-8608 to call Dr. Rose for more information.  Dr. Rose accepts many major health insurance plans.  She is in network with Cigna, Providence, Regence, Blue Cross, Aetna, and Pacific Source. Check the "Forms" page for a handy guide to checking your own benefit coverage.